Mini USB 24 Rudder Controller Steering Control Board Rudder Driven USC-24 Band Line C2B3
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ArduinoSB Mini USB 24 rudder control board servo USC-24 belt line
The software has already included three languages (with lines) in simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese and English.
Instructions on the use of the steering control board (all the data are above) Exclusive features: 1, using 32 bit high speed CPU, the processing speed is faster, the control is more accurate, and the operation is more stable. 2, you can not program, but as long as you will use your mouse, your robot will still dance. 3, perfect offline operation function, do not connect the single chip computer, not to connect PC, can run thousands of action instructions. 4. Automatic recognition of the baud rate (9600192003840057600115200128000 automatic recognition). 5, the real offline operation (for example, sending "#ENABLE#1G#3G#4#5G#6G#7GC100" with carriage return, after the actuator controller is powered on, automatically run the 1,3,4,5,6,7 action group, execute 100 times cycle, the performance is stable, adding 500 action groups is also no problem). 6, USB and TTL serial ports are handled separately by different IO ports, and there is absolutely no interference. 7, the action group returns to a "AGF\\\\r\\\\n", so that everyone detects whether the action group has been executed to execute other commands. 8, the execution of a single command will return to a "#CC\\\\r\\\\n". For example, if you send "#2P1500#3P1500T1000\\\\r\\\\n", after the control board is executed, it will return to "#CC\\\\r\\\\n" to indicate that the execution is completed. Noun interpretation: what is an action group The steering group motion control board, is our first independent R & D, function is to use PC software will have been transferred a good attitude packed into an action group, and then downloaded to the servo control board, download after the success, will form a number, such as number 1, if you want to perform this action group, as long as can send #1GC1\\\\r\\\\n (C1 cycle 1). Noun interpretation: what is called offline Offline is out of the computer, single chip computer, as long as a steering control board connected to the power supply can control the 32 steering gear at the same time. Noun interpretation: how to work offline The off-line operation must be set in advance. Open the PC software on the computer, select the action group performed offline, and then select the execution times, then click on “ finally, the software will enable ” prompt set successfully, this time, you can let the servo control board reset (power supply, can unplug the chip and then re inserted on), the phenomenon of out! Noun interpretation: 32 bit CPU Many traditional steering control boards are several times the use of cheap 8 bit CPU, such as AVR, 51 single chip, and 8 bit CPU speed and performance far behind the 32 - bit CPU.

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